Online Courses & E-learning

Online courses ā€“ Telephone and Video Conference TrainingĀ 

Language Link provides online language courses to both individual trainees and groups all over the world with fully-qualified native trainers. Our trainees have complete access to their own native speaker without leaving their own home or office. By taking private or group courses with one of our highly experienced native trainers, your language skills, particularly in speaking and listening, will quickly improve.

Our online courses give you the flexibility to study where you like and when you like and help you develop the confidence you need in all areas of language skills. The different types of courses we provide are:

  • Language Training
  • Business Training
  • Exam preparation

You can take sessions when you want and for the length of time that you prefer. You will receive feedback after each session and this will be sent directly to your email within 24 hours of the session. We can promise a very professional service with the highest standards of language learning. A standard session consists of 30 minutes or 60 minutes and the highest academic and professional standards are adhered to. All our programmes are designed individually to suit the needs of our trainees.

After completion of your language course, you will receive a certificate from ‘Language Link’, which also gives an indication of your level according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages). We also prepare trainees for international exams.

How it works

What you do

Contact us with an outline of your objectives. You may want to work on your speaking and/or writing for a number of reasons:

  • work related (conference calls, emails, reports, etc.)
  • academic work (assignments, essays, etc.)
  • exam related (FCE, BCE, CPE, IELTS, etc.)
  • any other reason

What we do

We will contact you to arrange your first session and review your objectives and level. This gives us a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses so we can work on them together. We will devise a completely individualised learning programme that allows you to achieve your objectives.

  • 30/60 – minute lesson with a qualified native trainer using video conference call or telephone
  • E-mail before each session with focus point/objective
  • Follow up e-mail after each session with feedback and material
  • Highly experienced and dynamic trainers
  • All skills – Speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Tailor-made courses

Why take an online course with us?

Flexibility to fit your schedule

We are flexible and adaptable with regards to schedule and understand that changes sometimes need to be made.

Highly-qualified and experienced native trainers

Our staff are all fully-qualified and have substantial experience of online training.

Trainers with different accents

You can have lessons with native speakers from Ireland, the UK, Scotland, the US, etc. to practise accent comprehension.

A dynamic approach to learning

We present interesting and stimulating sessions with a wealth of supplementary materials to aid the learning process.

A personalised approach and attention for each individual trainee

Each trainee has a different and individual way of learning and, therefore, a trainer needs to be aware of this. Our highly experienced trainers have perfected the ability to provide this in a way that encourages the best from the trainee and this, in turn, yields better results.

Full-time e-mail support

Apart from sending material to review before a session and the feedback afterwards, we are available for any questions or advice at any time. This support consists of personal emails and not standard replies. This access is unlimited.

Tailor-made coursesĀ 

Each and every course is created to suit the needs of theĀ traineeĀ using a needs analysis to start. The objectives are set using the input of the trainee. We take time to design the most suitable course taking all aspects into consideration.


E-learning is an online education centre which supports your learning and helps you to make the most of your language skills. We offer students access to our E-learning platform.

Advantages of e-learning

  • A flexible self-study programme
  • The freedom to access material and practice activities wherever and whenever
  • Language learners can continue self-study during or after completion of another course
  • Language learners can improve specific areas of their reading, listening or grammar
  • Learners can truly maximise their language learning