Pronunciation Masterclass

Pronunciation Masterclass



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In today’s globalised world, English is ubiquitous.  As a result, non-native speakers must be able communicate clearly in English and to understand a wide variety of accents.   This course aims to provide participants with an advanced understanding of English pronunciation so they can

1) employ correct syllable and sentence stress patterns,

2) enunciate vowel sounds and vowel reductions,

3) utilize naturalistic pronunciation strategies like the glottal stop and connected speech, and

4) optimise their oral comprehension.

In this highly interactive course, participants will acquire real-world language skills that will immediately and dramatically improve their communicative ability.

The programme includes:

  1. Syllable Stress: rules and exceptions.
  2. Sentence Stress: the communicative functions of emphasis.
  3. Long and Short Vowels: rules and exceptions.
  4. The Schwa: vowel reductions.in multi-syllable words.
  5. Silent Letters: rules and exceptions.
  6. Natural Pronunciation: the glottal stop.
  7. Natural Pronunciation: the flap t.
  8. Connected Speech 1: Elision.
  9. Connected Speech 2: Assimilation.
  10. Connected Speech 3: Linking.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Increase their fluency of expression
  • Enhance their understanding of intonation and stress
  • Increase their oral comprehension
  • Employ energy-saving pronunciation strategies

Who should attend?

  • Intermediate language learners
  • Upper intermediate language learners
  • Advanced English learners

For group Booking please call us direct on 061 502342 or info@languagelink.ie


All Modules, Syllable Stress: rules and exceptions., Sentence Stress: the communicative functions of emphasis., Long and Short Vowels: rules and exceptions., The Schwa: vowel reductions.in multi-syllable words., Silent Letters: rules and exceptions., Natural Pronunciation: the glottal stop., Natural Pronunciation: the flap t., Connected Speech 1: Elision., Connected Speech 2: Assimilation., Connected Speech 3: Linking.

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